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Beckoned is a series of interconnected, full-length standalone novels. Twist of Fate, When the Stars Align, Once in a Blue Moon, Once Upon a Christmas, and A Wish Upon a Star.


About the books: 


Twist of Fate. 

Erika Becquerel finds herself in an impossible world. A Harvest Moon Ball in her beloved grandfather's home? As she struggles to make sense of claims that she fell into the year 1837, her grandfather's life hangs in the balance.

Resigned to a life of misery, colonial man Charles Becquerel faces a life already mapped out for him. But when Erika suddenly and inexplicably appears in his life, he senses an unexpected change. 

Though from two different centuries, Erika and Charles find themselves in a romance that defies time itself. 


When the Stars Align. 

A modern woman of 1838, Camille LaFleur defies convention working at her father's tavern. Her father's only rule. You must wear your mask at all times. But Camille knows that rules are made to be broken. Especially when a handsome, charmingly befuddled man returns again and again.  

Entering through a door only he can see, airplane pilot Bradley Becquerel finds shelter in a smoke-filled tavern. After a mystical encounter with a beguiling woman who captures his attention and enchants his senses, he is compelled to return again and again.

Despite the odds against them, including being from two different centuries, falling in love changes their lives forever. But staying together proves to be a bit more difficult. 


Once in a Blue Moon. 

Arabella Becquerel inherited an antebellum plantation house from her great-grandmother. A house overrun with Civil War re-enactors adamant about staying in character and insisting that the year is 1863. Even worse, one of the strangers knows her name and looks at her like she is a ghost.

Colonel Augustus Townsend of the Confederate army watches as his men turned what he thought was a deserted plantation house into an army camp. But the lady of the house is not only still in the house, she refuses to evacuate. Not only was she the oddest woman he had ever met, she is also most intriguing.

Enveloped in family secrets and never-ending danger, the two of them find sparks quickly turning to flames. 


Once Upon a Christmas. 

Born Centuries apart. But something brought them together.

Vaughn Dupre woke disoriented. Nothing unusual. She woke disoriented every day. When Indians attacked her traveling party, only she survived. But today Vaughn wakes in 1969—a most perplexing world. With a handsome, charming man who used strange words.

When a strange young woman, confused and perplexing, appears in his house, Jonathan Becquerel questions his own sanity.


A Wish Upon a Star. 

What if Cinderella's night at the ball left her with more than a lost slipper?
A logical, practical scientist, Anna Becquerel, possesses an overactive curiosity about all things related to time. Devoted to her work, she sets out to finally test her groundbreaking invention. Every last detail planned and executed.
Zachary Champlain needs a wife. But the young ladies in his social circle either talked too much or otherwise just didn't suit him. When a scandalously dressed young lady, more beautiful than any goddess, lands in his arms, he believes his problem is solved.

All Becquerel books stand alone.

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1106 pages Collection of 5 novels
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